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How to setup your club

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Do I need to create an account?

If you need to manage/publish race results for your club, yes. You don't need an account to view results.

Creating an account

Visit and click "Manage Club" in the top right, then select "Log in or Create a club".

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Select the "Create a Club tab"

  • Enter your club name (e.g. "Nottingham Royal YC"). It is suggested you use abbreviations only for the Sailing Club (SC) or Yacht Club (YC) portion.
  • The email and password are used to prevent 3rd parties from managing your club. You will be periodically asked to re-enter these, so make sure you keep a note of them. The email account should be accessible by you.
  • Click "Sign up"

You will receive a confirmation email. Follow the link to confirm your email address and activate your account. Now you can log in.

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